Below are some frequently asked questions regarding our events. If you’ve not boxed before, and are new to the process of competing, there may be a few things you’re unsure of. Take the time to look through the FAQ’s, and if they don’t clear everything up, then click the link at the bottom of the page to submit a contact form with your queries.

1. I’m not currently training, what kind of training/preparation will I need to do before an event?

You’ll need to have access to a boxing gym at least twice per week. You can use a gym known to you, or click here if you want to ask us for our recommendations.

2. What equipment will be essential?

Before you begin training you’ll need to have: a gum shield and a pair of sparring gloves (16 oz). As training progresses, and fight night gets closer, you’ll need a head guard (for sparring) and a cup protector. On the night of the event, to ensure fair play, all gloves are provided by us. We can also supply you with a vest and shorts set (medium or large and blue or red depending on which corner you are fighting in). You can wear your own clothing, but it must be a vest and shorts. You must bring along a: gum shield, hand wraps and a groin protector for use in your bout. It is also recommended that adequate footwear is worn.

3. Is there a minimum amount of tickets I need to sell?

All we ask, is that all fighters sell a minimum of 10 tickets, or 1 table.

4. I think I’ll struggle to sell tickets, what can I do?

There are ways you can improve ticket sales, make sure you’re doing these things to maximise your sales:

  • Social media; use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. to raise awareness of your fight, and the event. Share posts about the event from the PowerboxPromotions facebook page, and put regular updates about your training. You should also create an event on Facebook and invite as many people as possible.
  • Don’t leave it to the last minute to let people know you’re fighting; as soon as your fight is confirmed, contact your friends, family, people at work and tell them you will be selling tickets. If you don’t let people know straight away, they may have made plans nearer to the event.
  • Posters/flyers; get posters of the event from us and put them up wherever you train if possible, and put flyers in places such as your gym reception, providing the gym will allow you to do so.

5. How can people get tickets to watch me fight?

All boxers competing on our events will be given tickets from  around 8 weeks before the event. It is up to you to sell the tickets and collect the money from those who purchase them. You will need to give all ticket monies to a member of our team who will be allocated to you no later than the weigh in the day before the event. Tickets for our event are also available online. Fighters will receive the same amount of commission due on tickets purchased online, providing the person purchasing the tickets types your name into the box “If you are supporting a fighter at this event please state their full name below.”  Any questions, click here to submit a query.

6. What is the minimum age for boxers?

Boxers must be 18 years and over to compete. (There is no maximum age).

7. How are the fights matched?

All of our fights are matched fairly based on: ability, weight, experience, strength and fitness. It is our aim to put on: exciting, competitive, 50/50 fights. Our matchmakers don’t just rely on what they’re told either; we make a commitment to meet every fighter we match personally, watch them train and view recordings of their fights/sparring, all to ensure that nobody gets matched with the wrong opponent.

8. Can I get private training?

Yes. Click here to contact us about personal training, and one of the team will be in touch ASAP to put you in touch with one of our recommended coaches.

9. I need advice on what kind of training to do to help prepare for a fight…

No problem, just click here to contact us, put as much detail as possible and a member of the team will be in contact ASAP.

If you have a question that is not listed, just click here to get in touch with us.