Powerbox Promotions is an exciting new company staging boxing events, featuring all action, evenly matched fights, between boxers of all experience levels.

Whether you’re an experienced boxer, a talented novice, or have never put on a pair of gloves, Powerbox Promotions is here to give all boxers the opportunity to fight on our shows, in fairly matched contests.

The safety of the boxers is the number one priority on all of our shows.

Before and after each show, all boxers are given a thorough medical examination by qualified paramedics, to ensure that they are fit to box. During the contests, all boxers
wear quality equipment provided by us. Boxers taking part in their first contest, or those with little experience wear 16oz gloves.

Those with more experience will be wearing 12oz gloves. Bouts are refereed by an experienced official, who is looking out for the welfare of the fighters, and to ensure fair play throughout the contest. To ensure boxers safety during the contests, there are two paramedics and a doctor ringside at every show.